Motivation Masterclass – Day 4 – Chunk It

Do you ever lose motivation for a task after about 30-40 minutes?

You know the feeling when you reach for your phone to watch “just one” youtube video.

That’s NORMAL!

It’s hard for anyone to stay motivated doing difficult things over long periods of time.

That’s because our brains focus naturally wanes after about 25 minutes.

So what’s the solution?

Breaking down your activities into smaller chunks can increase your drive by breaking up the work into manageable pieces.

This also allows you to finish a task in a small amount of time, cross it off your list, and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Rather than spinning your wheels for hours as your focus and determination wane.

This technique helped me improve my efficiency on report writing (which I hate) by about 200%.

Not only did I have more time to do other stuff I also procrastinated less on starting my reports because I knew it wouldn’t take me so long.

I hope you find it helpful!

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