Coaching vs Counselling

In my practice I employ a hybrid method that utilizes both counselling and coaching. This approach is based on a model developed by clinical social worker and master coach Lynn Grodzki which she has called “Therapy with a Coaching Edge”. If we work together I will decide along with you whether a coaching or counselling approach is best suited to you and your situation. We can switch back and forth between these two approaches depending on your specific needs and wants in each session. My tendency is to lean more towards a coaching approach.

The below table compares and contrasts counselling and coaching approaches. 

Coaching Counselling 
Shorter termLonger term
Faster paced focused on actions and making decisionsSlower paced focused on processing and insight
Helps you to set and achieve goals in order to make concrete change in your lifeHelps you to express your thoughts and feelings
You are the expert and the coach is there to motivate and empower you Counsellor role is as mental health expert giving you evidence-based treatment 
Coach voices their own thoughts and opinions Counsellor primarily listens and lets you talk 
Focuses more on the present and future Focuses more on the past