Covid Relief

Do you know anyone who has lost their job or business due to COVID, or do you find yourself in that situation? So many people are struggling and at a time when their mental health is being stretched to the breaking point and they can’t afford to access counselling.

My friend Jamie had a great idea to start a go fund me page to pay for counselling for folks in this exact situation. He works for the Canadian Bobsled Team and he is an upstanding guy. He has donated $500 to start the fund and already raised $1200. He’s partnering with myself and another counsellor who will provide the counselling.

I’m donating a free hour of counselling to anyone who is accessing services through this fund. This system is based on trust. We are not investigating whether people actually are out of work, and I cannot disclose any client details to my friend who is disbursing the funds so we are relying on peoples goodwill and honour for this to work.

If you haven’t been adversely affected by COVID then consider donating some money to lend a helping hand to those who are struggling.