Do you come from a Christian faith background and want your counselling experience to be grounded in the Bible? I am a Christian and can help you to align yourself more closely with what scripture teaches, and apply the rich wisdom of the old and new testament to the problems you are facing.

What is of the goal of Christian or biblical counselling? The Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition website states:

“The goal of biblical counselling is spiritual, relational, and personal maturity as evidenced in desires, thoughts, motives, actions, and emotions that increasingly reflect Jesus (Ephesians 4:17-5:2). We believe that such personal change must be centered on the person of Christ. We are convinced that personal ministry centered on Christ and anchored in Scripture offers the only lasting hope and loving help to a fallen and broken world.”

I’ve helped many people receive deeper healing through Christ-centred biblical counselling and would love to come alongside you in your faith journey.