Photo used with permission from Julian Noisecat

I am registered as a mental health care provider with the First Nations Health Authority and can provide services to individuals through one of their mental health benefits. If you qualify for their Mental Health Benefit then I can provide you with counselling services for free and bill FNHA directly.

If you don’t qualify for their services I reserve part of my caseload to offer low-cost counselling services to indigenous young men (First Nations, Inuit, and Metis) who don’t have access to mental health services. There are two options: pay what you can (minimum $10 per session) and pay it forward (volunteer 1 hour for every counselling hour).

Why Do I Only offer low cost services to Indigenous Young Men?

I believe it’s important for all Canadians to promote reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Canadian’s. The first people of this land are still experiencing the negative impacts of the colonization process and the inter-generational trauma of the residential school system. I believe that these harms can only be fully be healed through community partnerships with indigenous and non-indigenous groups and individual relationships.