My Approach

Male positive

I assist you to identify your unique strengths as a man. Society often emphasizes what a man shouldn’t be rather than what we should. I will intentionally discuss what being a man means to you in the context of your life and relationships.


We can walk or do activities while we talk. Many men feel more comfortable talking side by side then seated directly facing someone in a small room. Walking stimulates brain activity and being outdoors promotes overall well-being adding value to each session.


We’ll track your results. I will help you to monitor your progress weekly so you can see when you are improving. Research shows this practice greatly improves chances of success.


I use a hybrid coaching and counselling approach. Counselling tends to focus on the past and processing experiences and emotions which is important but foreign to many guys. I lean towards a coaching approach that emphasizes setting and reaching goals.


I’ll always be honest with you even if it’s uncomfortable. Guys like a straight shooter so I will be frank in my assessment of your situation and encourage you to be honest with me as well.


I love to laugh, and joke around. Life is too short to be serious all the time. I can laugh at my own faults, and the absurdity of life and encourage you to do the same.