See Your Son Smile Again

Are you worried about your son's future? Is he irritable, unmotivated, and always online? I can help you help him find his way back to hope.

The Problem

Many boys who are irritable and unmotivated are depressed. They resist their parents attempts to help them and slide further into anger and hopelessness.

The Solution

In my parent program you'll receive the knowledge and skills to help your son be happy, motivated, and engaged in life.

Why a Parent Program?

Research shows that individual counselling for depressed adolescents isn't very effective, but parent groups are. My parent program is the only group tailored specifically to boys.

What You'll Get

12 hours of group coaching, 6 hours of peer coaching, and 24/7 access to all my content on how to help boys. This is a $800 value you'll get for for only $300, the price of two counselling sessions.

Hi, I'm David Minor

I'm a registered social worker, counsellor and coach. I've helped many boys and their families find their way from despair to hope.

Learn More

Book a free consultation to learn more. If I can't help with your specific issue I'll use my extensive knowledge of boys resources to refer you to the most appropriate service.

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