• Finally Focused – Read if you want to learn about a natural approach to treating ADHD without using medication.
  • Anxiety Canada – Explore if you want to have more resources to reduce your anxiety. 
  • Mindshift app – Download if you want to have anxiety tools on the go.
For Guys
For Parents
  • Saving Our Sons – Read if you want to know how to help a young man in your life.
  • Restoration Project – Resources for intentional fatherhood and brotherhood (Christian).
  • Reset Your Child’s Brain – Read if you’re concerned that excessive screen time may be negatively impacting your child. 
  • Understand Teenagers – A helpful website with articles on understanding and responding effectively to teenagers.
For Mental Health Professionals
  • Men in Therapy – Read if you want to increase your skill level working with men.
  • How do I Help Him? – Read if you want to learn more ways to help boys who are struggling.
Porn Recovery
  • No fap – An online community based porn recovery website. 
  • Pure desire – Groups for healing from sex addiction and betrayal (Christian).
Video Games

Game Quitters – Online course on how to help your child with video game addiction.