Video Games: How to Strike a Balance for Your Son

February 28th, 2021

Past Workshops

How to Calm Your Son’s Anger

January 31st, 2021

Why is my son so angry and what can I do about it? This is something I often hear often from parents in my work as a counsellor. This workshop will teach you how to respond effectively when your son is angry and also reduce the likelihood of future outbursts.

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout

January 3rd 2021

Caring for a child with mental health challenges can wear you down. Learn the top two causes of caregiver burnout and how to avoid them.

This is an online workshop for parents who are supporting a child with mental health challenges. Caring for a depressed/anxious child can lead to parents feeling alone, exhausted and burned out. I know how that feels. When I first started working with at risk-youth after a few short months I was on the verge of burning out.

As I continue to work in the mental health field, one plagued by high burnout rates, I remain keenly aware of the signs of burnout and myself and know what I must do to keep them from growing. In this workshop, I’ll share with you how to determine if you are getting burned out and the top two things you can do to avoid it.