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How to Get Your Son to Open Up

Get your son to open up by doing activities together, standing side by side, asking about his interests, and validating his emotions.

Is My Son Depressed?

If your son is depressed you may have noticed some of the following changes: decrease in energy, increase in anger, withdrawal from others and loss of interest in activities he once enjoyed.

Why is My Son Always Angry?

If your son is always angry it could be because he’s not getting what he needs like: safe relationships, strong boundaries, and feeling respected.

How Fathers Can Connect with Their Sons

Father involvement is critical for the health development of teen boys. Dad’s can connect with their son’s through play, projects, trips, male groups, and rites of passage.

Why Guys Hate Counselling

There are many reasons most guys hate counselling. Some of the most common are men aren’t good at describing their emotions, they can become aggressive when stressed, it goes against the guy code, and they don’t believe it will help.

Father’s Matter to Their Son’s

Countless studies have shown how important father involvement is for healthy development of boys. Time with dad impacts things like school performance, mental health, and involvement in crime.

How to Protect Your Sons Sleep

Sleep is essential for mental health and poor sleep can make depression in adolescents more long lasting and severe. Read more to find out how to protect your sons sleep.

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How to Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

Limit your sons screen time by controlling access to his devices and the internet, removing screens from his bedroom, having a screen time schedule, and creating a family screen time agreement.

How to Help your Depressed Son

Help your depressed son by: connecting with him, protecting his sleep, limiting screen time, giving him a job, and getting him active.