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If you’re watching this video you’re probably someone who wants to achieve your goals and to improve yourself but you’re facing barriers that are getting in the way of that goal. I can relate! I have a lot of goals and things that I want to do and in the past I was not able to deliver. Through helping many clients improve their motivation, and applying these concepts myself, I’ve distilled three principles that will double your motivation.

tip #1 – Know your why

The first step towards doubling your motivation is understanding why you want to do this goal. When I started rehab after having two knee surgeries I was getting discouraged. I was losing motivation to do my physio exercises because I felt like I wasn’t progressing. I hated doing the exercises and I was thinking that I wouldn’t get better and so I stopped completely. A few months later I came back to trying to get fit and healthy. I took an online course for fitness and they asked me the ultimate question: why?

Why is this important to you? This step is important because it will help you figure out if this is really something that you care about doing. When you determine your why I want you to take that and expand that vision. My why was I wanted to be able to play with my son as he grows and with my grandkids one day. That goal really motivated me because family is everything to me. Once you know your why you can proceed to step 2, track your progress.


Personal change or growth is incremental. It’s really hard to see the leaps and bounds that you’re making over a short period of time. Progress may be small and sometimes it may even go down and backtracks. If you’re not tracking it you won’t have a benchmark to see where you have been, where you are, and imagine where you could go. Without seeing the progress you will lose hope and become discouraged.

Anything that’s worthwhile is difficult and it’s going to take time. We all love montage training videos because we get to see the progress that takes years happen in an instant. You can create your own progress video, but only if you track and document your progress along the way.

TIP #3 – Have an encouragement partner

It’s very important to have a partner to encourage you and motivate you on your journey. Motivation is an emotion. It’s the desire to do something and emotions are inherently volatile. That’s why people make new years resolutions to improve their health and fitness and then after a few months they stop. You need something outside of yourself that is going to help you stay committed when you’re not feeling like it that day.

Low motivation days will come so it’s important your friend asks you the tough questions. This creates external pressure to motivate you when you don’t have internal motivation. Pick someone who will be kind and encourage you, but also won’t let you off the hook with lame excuses.

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