How To Respond to Others Emotions

Do you ever struggle to know what to do with other people’s emotions?

Do you pat them on the back?

Do you say “there, there”?

Do you listen and say nothing?

Oftentimes people who are struggling don’t even know what they want or need leaving others feeling stuck for how to support them.

If you practice these four steps then others will feel more understood, more loved, and it will also help them to calm down and feel safe.

Even though I’m a counsellor I often forget these steps in my own relationships. So I put them into an acronym “LOVE” to make it super easy for you to remember and use.

L – Listen and reflect what they said back to them.

O – Offer a guess as to what they might be feeling

V – Validate their emotion

E – Extend a helping hand

The video goes into more detail regarding these steps.

I hope you find it helpful!

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